People have been talking non-stop about the phone call President Donald Trump made to the widow of fallen Green Beret Sgt. La David T. Johnson. According to Florida Representative Frederica S. Wilson, Trump made a comment about Johnson knowing what he was signing up for that has left many people outraged. The president denies he said anything wrong and claims that Wilson was lying, but Johnson's mother is now speaking out and stands by the congresswoman.

Johnson's mother stands by Rep. Wilson

The Washington Post reports that Sgt. La David T. Johnson's mother was with widow Myeshia Johnson during the phone call from President Trump.

Cowanda Jones-Johnson said that the president did disrespect her son and the entire family with his call. While she would not go into detail with the news outlet, she said that Wilson was accurate in what she relayed about the conversation.

Rep. Wilson and the family were also said to be stunned by the fact that the president seemingly didn't remember the fallen soldier's name during the call. The White House will not go into detail about what was said on the call, saying that it was private. However, Trump has taken to Twitter and blasted the reports.

President Trump claims he has proof to back up his version

The president has tweeted more than 15 times in the past 24 hours, hitting on not only the Wilson allegations, but posting about “fake news,” health care, the border wall, taxes, James Comey and Hillary Clinton, and the NFL protests as well.

In the one tweet about Wilson, he claims that the representative completely fabricated what she said and that he has proof.

Trump has claimed to have proof on a number of controversial other topics, like President Obama allegedly wiretapping the president prior to the inauguration, Obama's birth certificate proving he wasn't born in Hawaii, and proof that the women alleging they had been sexually assaulted by him were lying.

So far, the president hasn't provided proof on any of these topics and at this point, he hasn't shared his supposed proof that Wilson is lying about the phone call either.

President Trump has already faced significant criticism in how long it took him to acknowledge the deaths of the four Green Berets in Niger and the reports about this phone call with Sgt.

La David T. Johnson's widow adds insult to injury in the minds of many. Rep. Wilson stands by her account of what was said, and those following the story will be curious to see if the White House or Trump address this any further.