The NCAA will release its decision on the UNC Academic Scandal on Friday, and this is really their chance to set the tone for what schools are allowed to get away with. Most of these schools have proven throughout the years that they are not the least bit interested in education, and UNC is no different. The Tar Heels seem to have cheated their way to many national titles by creating a unique major and course schedule for individual players to take that required no work. We will see the results of the investigation on Friday, and we need to know that the NCAA will send the right message because these violations are appalling.

UNC should not be accredited

We are at a stage where UNC probably does not even deserve the accreditation that they have. Sadly, a lot of students would be impacted who had nothing to do with this investigation, and those kids are not receiving special treatment because they are on scholarship. That means that the school should receive a threat of loss of accreditation that would force them to think about academics harder. That is the only way for them to be scared enough to do something.

The NCAA death penalty

You do not need North Carolina basketball to be any good. It only needs to exist so those good and decent people who work hard can have the money they make during the season. There are a lot of little people who are going to need to have UNC playing basketball, and that means that you cannot just shut the team down.

You have to have a way to force the team to suffer knowing that they will still sell out every game. You can give the team the death penalty where they basically have no scholarships and no support. They need to be fielding a basketball team so that the people who count on the basketball season can get what they need. The people who deserve to make money from this will be protected, and the people who are profiting wrongly from this team will not be able to because the team will stink.

How does Roy Williams have a job?

Roy Williams should have been fired long ago. He is in the same boat as Rick Pitino. He should have known something was going on. That is all there is to it. There are a lot of people in the school's administration who should not have jobs because they somehow allowed this fake degree to exist. However, the school has not made a move because they were waiting to find out what the NCAA would decide. All these people need to lose their jobs especially if the NCAA comes down hard on the team.