The Oakland Raiders will have a hard time without Derek Carr for the next two to six weeks. Derek Carr was supposed to be their savior, and he is already one of the highest paid people in the NFL. Now that Carr has a fracture in his neck, the Raiders will lean on Lynch until Carr gets back. Lynch can give you a lot of Fantasy points, but he cannot carry the Raiders offense all by himself. You can ask him for fantasy points, but you need to be sure that you have seen to it that you use Lynch along with other great players.

Lynch as the featured runner

The featured runner for the Raiders is Marshawn Lynch, but he is not the person who touches the ball on every possession. The Raiders are very good, and they have enough weapons to win here and there. However, they can trust Lynch with the ball. This is all about holding onto the ball as much as possible, and you will find that the Raiders are scoring more than you thought. Lynch can close out touchdowns on short yardage plays, and he will pick up some garbage yards at the end of games. He becomes a good choice for you, but the Raiders might not win all these games.

The offense runs through Carr

We have been shown how the Raiders can score 30 points a game if Derek Carr has the ball.

He was hurt at the end of the year, and that ruined a very good chance to go the AFC title game and beat the Patriots. Derek Carr could miss up to six weeks, but the Raiders could look really bad outside of Marshawn Lynch's performances until Carr gets back.

Trust the defense

The defense in Oakland has improved, but they need to be much better while Carr is out.

A good defense will give the ball back to the offense, and they can afford to spend their time rushing the ball with Marshawn Lynch. They can hand off to him about 40 times because of good defensive play, but they will be not able to recover if they do not have enough time to run the ball. The Raiders will have to catch up in games by passing the ball, and your fantasy points go down because Lynch will see the ball less.

Think on that before you draft every week, and remember that you can move away from Lynch at any time if he cannot get the ball enough.

The Raiders are solid enough

The Raiders franchise is much more solid than it was a few years ago, and they can afford to go through these injuries because they will not freak out and try to do something different. They will wait for Derek Carr to come back, and they will make sure that they have been very patient with his recovery. The Raiders are planning for the future even though their presence is messy.