In this past NFL season, Marshawn Lynch was in the first year of his retirement, and by the looks of it, he was enjoying it. Taking trips around the world and giving out bags of skittles looks like the dream retirement life for Beast Mode. But rumors started swirling when he reportedly wanted to come back to the NFL and play for his hometown Oakland Raiders. (They didn't move to Vegas yet.)

The Raiders showed interest and news broke Wednesday that the Seahawks, who still hold his rights, agreed to trade him to the Raiders. Beast Mode in the backfield behind David Carr sounds like an offense that will shred opponents.

If you think that, you're exactly right.

Fresh Legs, Same Beast

If this deal comes to fruition, the Raiders will be getting a fresh Marshawn Lynch who is ready to run some people over. He will need to pass a physical for the Raiders, but that shouldn't be a problem. Lynch has had a year off, and that can be helpful for a running back, especially if he is over 30-years old. Lynch didn't play a lot in his last year in the NFL as he was dealing with injuries. Lynch's fresh legs will be welcomed with open arms, as the Raiders were in need of a running back.

Marshawn's running style won't change, as he is known for being one of the most physical running backs in the game. Lynch earned his nickname 'Beast Mode' by playing like a beast, as it takes more than one person to tackle this man.

Lynch should be in great shape, as he has had some time to work off the bags of skittles he might've eaten over the past year. He will still come ready to rumble, and defensive backs now must contemplate their future when they try to tackle this man one-on-one.

Oakland Monsters

With the addition of Beast Mode to the Raiders' roster, the Raiders make themselves an even scarier team coming into the new NFL season.

Derek Carr is coming off a broken bone in his leg, and he seems fired up and ready to go this season.

Carr was the leader of the MVP race before his injury last season, as he threw for almost 4,000 yards and 28 touchdowns. Marshawn Lynch will also be running behind one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. The Raiders' o-line line was pummeling even some of the best defensive fronts, allowing former running back Latavius Murray to run for over 750 yards.

The Raiders were ranked sixth in rushing yards last season without Lynch in their backfield, so having him there, the only way is up. In Lynch's last full season, he rushed for 1,306 yards. When healthy, Lynch is a force and with Derek Carr and Amari Cooper to help take the load off of him, Beast Mode won't be having to take 30+ carries a game. With the offensive line being one of the best, Lynch won't be hit until he is 3-4 yards past the line of scrimmage, which can prevent him from being hit be 300 lbs. lineman. The Raiders have many weapons on their offense and adding Lynch just made them even more powerful.

Lynch will sign a two-year deal with Oakland once he passes the physical and the trade with the Seahawks is official.

Lynch still has the hunger to play football, and that alone makes him scary to tackle.

The Raiders were a powerhouse in the AFC last year, and with Lynch coming home, they should be the favorite to win the AFC, even with the Patriots' offseason acquisitions. Oakland fans now have something to cheer about, even if their team is moving to Vegas in a few years.