The Astros have lost their touch by being in New York, and they are giving up so much room to the Yankees that we have to wonder if the man that was known as Mr. October has been replaced by Aaron Judge. To be sure, Judge is not the only good player on this team, but he is certainly the best right now. He is the player that is getting the most press for doing a very good job, and he is able to make this team hit more consistently when he is on. Yes, this team is good, but they go as Judge goes. Look at their season, and make sure that you remember where Judge went up and down.

That is where the Yankees went up and down, and he could lead them to the World Series if he stays hot.

The Astros fell apart

The Astros have fallen apart at the worst time possible, and they have to get home to Houston to pray that they can fix whatever is wrong with them. However, they would be in a bad place if they could not start hitting once they got back to Houston. I think that the Astros are a very good team, but it is like they just sort of gave up. When the Yankees go that unfair homer in the 1996 World Series, the Braves fell apart. The same is going on with the Astros. They have fallen apart because they realized that they cannot hit with this Yankees team like they should have. It is really disheartening to see them be this bad for two games in a row, and I think that they might get exposed again unless they can get gems from their pitching staff.

No matter how this series goes, this team has to work on being clutch. You cannot teach that, but you have to insist on it.

This is how baseball works

Baseball is a game of streaks just like basketball. The Yankees could stay on their streak unless the Astros stop them, and it is very important for the Astros to remember that they are basically the same team as the Yankees.

If you are matching up against a similar team, you need to copy what they do. That is how kids make friends when they go to new schools. They will mimic the kids around them, and they will make friends by doing that. I would copy the Yankees if I were the Astros because I believe that the Yankees are playing the Astros' game.

That means that the Astros are not able to surprise the Yankees, and there are a lot of reasons to believe that that is what made the Astros so bad in these past couple games.

The class of the AL

If these two teams are the class of the American League, we need to get prepared for them to go down to the wire every year. They have the talent for it.