There are a lot of people who love the Patriots because they have been given expectations that are met more often than not. The Patriots have been to seven Super Bowls, and they have won five. They have one of the most prolific offenses and they have one of the best coaches ever. The Patriots are in the middle of a listless and odd season, and they are having issues even in their own division. Even though the Patriots are currently a little mediocre, they could still lift their game and be great in the playoffs.

The basketball formula

The basketball formula for getting to the playoffs is something that the Patriots might want to consider because they have not had such a good start to the season.

They could get to the playoffs as the last of the four division winners, and they could still do well in the playoffs. Yes, they would have to play an extra game in the playoffs, but they could have bigger problems. The Patriots are in a situation where they need to focus on ensuring that they are healthier and better prepared for this level of tough competition. They could win a Super Bowl as a wild card, and that would honestly not be surprising.

The defense needs time

It might take a very long time for the Patriots to figure out how the defense works, and that would mean that they actually have to wait until the playoffs to get an excellent defense installed that could actually work. There are many fans who are wondering how the Patriots defense can be so bad, but they are not taking into account, for one second, the fact that the team are trying to cope with a number of injuries, that some of the longtime members are getting older, and that they may have simply just run out of talent.

The offense needs to drag this team along

We have seen mediocre seasons from the Patriots before, but they have not quite looked like this. The Patriots have always seemed more stable, and their stability comes from Tom Brady. Since he runs the offense, that means that the offense is going to have to do most of the work. The team could score enough to win 11 games or so, and that would be good enough for them to win their weakened division.

I do not think for a second that they will get caught by the Jets or the Dolphins, but I do think that they will be more similar to a normal NFL team.

The coaching staff might be a bit off

We have never had problems with coaching in New England before, but this might be the time when the process stops working for Belichick. What if his former magic is no longer resounding in the locker room anymore?