LeBron James gave an interview where he talked about a lot of things, but he was not able to talk about Kyrie Irving. Well, he did talk about Irving, but he talked about someone called "the Kid." We have no idea who the kid is, but we have to assume that it is Kyrie Irving. This is a bit like when Bill Parcells would call players "the player" when he was not happy with them. These guys were being insulted by him not using their name because he was unhappy. It is very important for us to remember that LeBron likes to be liked, and he is using language that helps him look good while he is insulting someone who did not want to play with him anymore.

I find the whole thing funny, but why is LeBron so upset?

The divide

The divide between Kyrie and LeBron probably exists because LeBron has no self-awareness at all. That is just par for the course with pampered celebrities because so many of them are completely out of touch with reality. LeBron must not realize that basically running the team, having his posse around all the time, and expecting to get what he wants 24/7 is going to be a handful to deal with. If you are Kyrie Irving and you went to Duke for however long it was, suffered in Cleveland, and then did not get enough credit for what he did, you would start to hate LeBron. It would just get stronger because the person you hate does not even realize why you hate them.

LeBron is a bad liar

LeBron James is one of the worst liars of all time. Please do not tell him any of your secrets, because he could give them away just because he has no capacity for lying. It would help him if he could fib just a little bit and make it seem a little bit more believable. You cannot call Irving a kid and then turn around say that everything is fine.

You will not say his name, but everything is fine. We all know that is completely false, and it is insulting to our intelligence that we have these problems with LeBron. He needs to be honest just once. Just say that you liked winning, but maybe you did not like the way Kyrie approached you. You guys can disagree. However, LeBron decided that he has to lie.

We will not stop talking about this

If you are a powerful person, you likely assume that everyone will just do what you want, and that probably makes you very vulnerable to someone who sees through your smokescreen. LeBron is acting a lot like Kuzco in "The Emperor's New Groove" where he laments that he is the nicest guy in the world. He was not the nicest guy in the world.