Griffin Monroe came to Port Charles as a priest who had already broken his vows of celibacy. He had a past relationship with Claudette and it was thought he could be Charlotte's biological father until Lulu and Valentin were proven to be her parents. In recent weeks, Griffin has been fighting sexual feeling for Ava who became upset he resisted her advances.

After wrestling with a decision regarding the priesthood, Father Monroe decided to walk away. Last week, "General Hospital" decided to mix the holy with the profane and have Griffin and Ms. Jerome give in to their passion.

The priest left the church he made vows to in order to have sex with a woman.

When the Holy meets the profane

Ava Jerome is no saint as she had sex with Sonny as well as his son, Morgan. She murdered Dante's aunt Connie and tricked Sonny into killing A.J. Quartermaine. Seducing a priest and not respecting his vows is pretty evil.

Ava whined like a baby when she first tried to get Griffin to stray from the priesthood. Pitting a woman's wiles against a man who is serving God is not a great storyline. It is interesting that "General Hospital" and other daytime dramas never have married preachers, but always have a Catholic priest.

Some will consider having Griffin to leave the priesthood for a relationship with Ava to be crossing a line.

Priests take vows to be married to the church and to abstain from traditional marriage. This storyline and others like it seem to imply that it's more satisfactory for a man to fulfill the lusts of the flesh than to give his life in service to the Lord.

If one has chosen of his own volition to become a priest who chooses not to have relations with a woman, then no female should try to force him to break his vows.

Using sex this way is considered by many as the profane trying to violate that which is Holy.

Ava and Griffin not last long

Ms. Jerome is an unrepentant, self-serving individual who expects everyone to bow to her whims. She initially was shocked when she realized that Griffin did not want to go to bed with her. She yelled at him and even questioned her own sexuality.

In Ava's mind, she might believe she has scored some type of points because she had a man to choose her over God. That is sick and twisted but it is truly Ava Jerome.

This union was doomed from the start because Griffin Monroe initially saw Ava as a woman needing consoling after she was burned in the fire. People warned him that she was the town, Jezebel but he was determined to see the good in this woman who did not understand his commitment to the church and his faith. They are like oil and water, and once the excitement of knowing she got him to take her to bed is over, the thrill will be gone for Ms. Jerome.