The 2017 Nurses Ball on "General Hospital" is bringing out many big revelations. On Wednesday, Sonny found out that his son Morgan's bipolar meds may have been switched with a placebo. On Thursday, Sonny and his soon to be ex-Carly put their differences aside, to team up to get to the bottom of the situation.

Morgan spins out of control

Sonny and Carly's only biological child Morgan died less than a year ago. As his parents, they are seeking the truth about what happened. He had been diagnosed as bipolar and was on Lithium. Morgan was working, enrolled in college, dating Kiki and seemed to be maintaining until around the end of October.

He missed work, cheated on a college paper and began acting erratic around the people who love him.

Morgan saw Ned Ashton and Olivia Falconeri kissing in the Quartermaine boathouse, and mistook them for Kiki and Dillon Quartermaine. He jumped into a car owned by Julian Jerome and took off at a high rate of speed. The vehicle later blew up killing Morgan instantly. Based on the entries in his journal, Morgan was faithfully taking his meds, and seeing his psychiatrist. Everyone in Port Charles is wondering what caused him to spiral our of control.

Evidence leads Sonny and Carly to Ava Jerome

Ava Jerome's daughter Kiki once was married to Morgan. She cheated with is brother Michael, then began dating Morgan again.

During their breakup, Morgan began having an affair with Ava. One day after arguing, Ava and Sonny had sex. Ava became pregnant and was not certain who the baby daddy was. Ava gave birth to a daughter Avery, who was determined to be Sonny's child. Kiki began dating Morgan again but was falling in love with Dillon. Ava suspected her daughter was staying with Morgan out of sympathy, so she replaced his lithium with a placebo.

"General Hospital" brings everything to a head during the annual Nurses Ball.After the psychiatrist confirms Morgan probably was taking a placebo, Sonny and Carly put their marital woes aside. They team up to find out who caused their son's death. Lucy Coe tells them that Ava was holding on to the lithium bottle. Scott shares that Ava is on her way out of town.

After seeing Kiki and Dillon walk past them laughing, Carly has the answer.

She tells Sonny that Ava switched their son's meds, to keep him away fro her daughter. They don't have proof that would hold up in court, but Sonny and Carly know all roads are leading to Ava. They ae certain that Ms. Jerome is responsible for their son's death. The duo go off to find and confront Ava and make her confess. Then they will choose how she will pay for Morgan's death.