Trump’s presidency has been chaotic. Many people argue that the chaos is deliberate. I am a proponent of that belief. However, it’s becoming more apparent that some of Trump’s antics are because he’s simply miserable in this job. He acts like someone who wanted to win the Presidency, but never had any intentions of governing the country. Now that he is forced to have to deliver to his base and faced with the realization that he cannot, he is unraveling and unhappy.

Trump is too much of a novice to be the president

Being the President of the United States is not an easy job.

It is further difficult if the person’s name is Trump. Donald doesn’t like to put in the time and effort to be able to do an efficient job. He’ll make numerous promises that go unfulfilled. He delegates to other people the responsibility to fulfill the promises he made. When his subordinates are unable to implement the promises that he made, Trump immediately loses interest in them. He didn’t defend his Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Price when a scandal broke out. It was argued that Trump was still upset with him for not getting health care reform accomplished.

A president should be abreast of policies they want to be implemented. That requires putting in the effort. He never reviews the policies or bills that he wants to be implemented.

He’s not particularly an avid reader, nor does he have the attention span necessary to study policy. He’s accustomed to someone else doing all the work and he takes credit for it. Although he promised to repeal and replace Obamacare with something better where everyone will be covered, if he’s asked about the content of the bill to allegedly do that, he cannot answer a single question about the specifics of the bill.

The Republicans, while Trump has been in office, have tried more than once to repeal Obamacare, every time they failed.

Trump’s personality is not equipped to handle a job of this magnitude. In addition to the job being too difficult for Trump to handle, he’s under constant scrutiny and investigation. He’s opined that he never knew the job was as hard as it is.

Nonetheless, he decided to run for president not comprehending the requirements. He only ran to raise his public profile. Now, it’s obvious that he wants to get out but he can’t. Politically he would be ruined if he resigned.

Trump’s actions show someone who hates his job

Trump has proven, throughout his presidency, that he’s dissatisfied with being president. He only seems to enjoy the idea of being President, but not the overwhelming responsibility that comes with the title. He ran for president to raise his public profile and managed to stumble across the finish line.

He was looking for an opportunity to further enrich himself and his family. As a result, the majority of us are dealing with the aftermath of his decision to run for president. Nevertheless, it’s obvious he’s unhappy.

He’s exceptionally hypersensitive about Press coverage. He receives a lot of negative press coverage because of his constant, deliberate, theatrics and antics. He attempted to destroy the mainstream media by branding them as “fake news”, but the more he opposed them, the bigger they became. Trump hates losing battles and this is a battle he is losing fast.

He golfs at his resorts almost every weekend since becoming president. Despite him not accomplishing any of the things he expressly promised, he takes a lot of precious time spending it on the golf course. At his golf course, he will tweet about trivial things, such as NFL protests, without discussing the most pressing issues facing this country. It’s not even clear that he understands the magnitude of his responsibility. Even if he did, he doesn’t seem to know how to fulfill his obligation as president. He doesn’t even pretend anymore that he cares to fulfill his job.

He has the lowest approval rating of any president, at this time in their presidency, in the history of presidential polling.

Some of the people within the Republican Party, his own party, are tired of him. He cannot get the votes from his own party to pass the legislation he promised. He cannot control his own party like he was able to control people within the Trump organization. He has allegedly stated that he hates everyone in the White House.

His supporters are becoming either anxious or disillusioned and he’s noticing. They are desperately waiting for him to fulfill the promises he made. Trump knows that he cannot fulfill his promises. He fears that sooner or later more than just a majority of the country will turn against him.

However, because he knows that he might get exposed, he’s aware that this makes him a very vulnerable president.

It’s hard to imagine how Trump could enjoy doing a job he knows he’s completely unqualified to do. People typically know their limitations and Trump’s ineffectiveness as president has been his achilles heel. When Trump runs out of stunts he won’t be able to keep his shrinking base. For someone like Trump that likes to create the perception that he always wins, knowing he can’t win as the president makes this job something he can’t stand. #Donald Trump