The war of words between Donald Trump and Bob Corker continued into the weekend as the Republican senator didn't hold back his thoughts on the president. Following a back and forth exchange on social media, Corker ripped into Trump during an interview with the Washington Post.

Corker on Trump

Ever since Donald Trump announced his plan to run for president back in June 2015, it's been more than obvious that some members of the Republican party weren't pleased. The first public spat between Trump and a member of the GOP took place during the early stages of the election cycle when the former host of "The Apprentice" smeared Sen.

John McCain for being captured as a POW during the Vietnam War. "He's not a war hero," Trump said, before adding, "I like people who weren't captured." Over the next two years, various members of the party have clashed with Trump, but the billionaire real estate mogul was able to weather the storm and walkout as the next president on Election Day. Trump's recent reported rivalries have included his own Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Sen. Bob Corker. Earlier this month, it was reported that Tillerson and the president got into a heated exchange, with the Secretary of State referring to Trump as a "f**king moron." In response, Trump dismissed the reporting but went on to challenge Tillerson to an IQ test.

During this time, Trump and Corker have also gone at it,, with the senator comparing the president to a child and the White House to an "adult daycare center." As reported by the Washington Post on October 13, Corker wasn't finished.

While taking part in a phone interview with the Washington Post that was published on Friday, Bob Corker expressed his views on the reported bad blood between Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson.

"You cannot publicly castrate your own secretary of state without giving yourself that binary choice," Corker said of Trump's recent criticism of Tillerson.

"The tweets...yes, you raise tension in the's very irresponsible," Bob Corker went on to say, before adding, "It's the first part...the 'castration' of Tillerson..that I am most exercised about.'" Corker's remarks come just days after warning that Donald Trump was pushing the world towards World War 3 with his reckless policies.

Next up

As Donald Trump continues to battle with members of his administration and fellow Republicans, he's facing various challenges as president. With the future of health care and tax reform hanging in the balance, the commander in chief is also dealing with global tensions as his approval ratings sits below 40 percent.