If you’ve been following every news about “Voltron” season 4 before its premiere, you’re probably familiar with some of the promised developments by the show’s producers and voice actors. Now that season 4 is out, did the show delivered all its promises to its fans?

Six episodes aren’t enough

Voltron: Legendary Defender” season 4 is out now. Before its release, the producers and creators of the show gave us a lot of things to expect this season. The fandom went wild as we are promised more character developments. However, it seems like six episodes aren’t enough to make these promises come true.

The first of them was the character development for Lance and Hunk. During the New York Comic-Con, we learned from the “Voltronpanel that we will see changes in the two. Lance will start to shake-off his ego, and Hunk will start to develop his skills as a diplomat. But based on what we saw from season 4, not much of that has happened.

Lance speech to Allura was great. It showed how much the former Blue Paladin is changing, but it was quite sudden this season that it felt a little forced. Sure, he was already starting change ever since Keith became the Black Paladin; but it wasn’t prominent enough to make it more believable this season.

Hunk was very disappointing. We were promised that Shiro would train him to become a diplomat this season, but none of that happened.

If you’ve watched all the episodes, Hunk didn’t shine much this season.

Another thing that may have caused disappointment to many fans is the fact that Keith was gone half of the season. His transfer to the Blades of Malmora didn’t help us very much to see that newly found relationship he has with Lance. During the NYCC 2017 “Voltron” panel, we were told that Lance is Keith’s stability.

Many were expecting to see just how much they evolved from season 3. But with him gone, we didn’t see that.

It seems that six episodes aren’t really enough to pack all the expectation fans had for the show.

New developments

On the bright side, “Voltron” season 4 gave us many things to look forward to for season 5. The first of them is Matt Holt.

Matt’s arrival to the show was probably one of the best episodes of the show so far. His reunion with Pidge was emotional and full of action. His personality also made a lot of fans like him even more. In “Voltron” season 5, it would be amazing to see what else could Matt contribute to the paladins.

Lastly, in “Voltron” season 5, we will see the aftermath of the Coalition’s first major operation and Prince Lotor’s invitation for a discussion. Will the Galran Prince switch allegiance now that he has nowhere to go? What is his real purpose? It seems like this is the cliffhanger that we’ll have us reeling until season 5.

All in all, “Voltron” season 4 was not the greatest season of the show.However, it did gave us one of best episodes so far. With a big question mark at the end, it looks like the show is just about to get better.