Andrew Whitworth is the glue that holds the Los Angeles Rams Offensive Line together. He left the Bengals for the west coast, and it has worked out well for him so far. Whitworth has been one of the best and most quiet players in the NFL for a while now, and he could have accidentally ruined the offense in Cincinnati while helping save it in Los Angeles. One player cannot fix a team, but he was the right choice for this Rams club.

Look at the offensive lines around the league

Seattle, New York, and Cincinnati are having major problems on their offensive lines, and they are giving away a lot of sacks and yardage to defenses because there is little to no blocking going on.

The Giants cannot score because they cannot protect Eli Manning.

Andy Dalton almost got benched because the offensive line was so bad, and the Seahawks look like a shadow of themselves because they are struggling on the offensive line. Whitworth shows his value when he helps stop Jared Goff from going to the ground, and he has done that quite a lot this season.

Building for the future

The Rams cannot keep Whitworth forever because he is getting older, but he can be the basis on which they grow a good offensive line. The Rams can look back at what he has been able to do, and they will base much of their offensive line play on what he has brought to the team. They were not nearly this good last year, and Andrew Whitworth is responsible for a lot of that improvement.

This is the sort of guy you keep around after he retires so that you can get him to coach younger players. Whitworth seems like someone who would enjoy that, and the work he does with Sean McVay today could become something that we see copied many times over the next couple decades.

Winning now

The Rams need to win as much as they can so they can get the city behind them.

Whitworth is not the most glamorous player, but he is someone who helps the team achieve glamour. People who really follow football will fall in love with him, and the citizens of the town will start to worship him just as much as someone like Jared Goff or Tavon Austin. You cannot think of him as a burly guy with a beard. You have to think of him as a fatherly figure that people will always want to see on the field.

Did he break the Bengals?

To be fair to Whitworth, the Bengals played badly on their own. However, he was missed when he left Cincinnati. That means that his presence matters wherever he goes. We should expect to see him in Canton before long.