The LA Rams can be loved by the city of Los Angeles if they give the town a spectacle. I remember when Kirk Gibson hit that home run in the World Series in 1988, and that was the moment that the city really fell in love with the Dodgers again. They had been on a hiatus since Fernando Valenzuela debuted earlier that decade, and they needed that home run to spark Dodger fever. I remember when the Showtime Lakers were the hottest ticket in the world, and I remember when showtime can back in the form of Kobe and Shaq. The LA Rams have all the pieces for a return to glory, but they have to make the city love them first.

Leverage Jared Goff

Jared Goff is a good looking guy who is the quarterback of the team. He is the perfect person to leverage for popularity. The Lakers are not very good right now, and the Rams are playing well. It would be pretty simple for the Rams to tell the town that they need to pay attention to the Rams because they stand a better chance of winning right now. As a fan of the Lakers, I can attest to the fact that the city loves a winner. Winning with a good looking passer in a town like this would make the citizens of the city fall in love instantly.

The stadium

The new stadium that they are building for the Rams is a large part of their sales pitch to the city. Lakers fans loved the Forum, and people enjoy Dodgers Stadium.

The new building could be the thing that brings people back to the Rams because they realize that the franchise has put a lot of money into the comfort and experience the fans have. People will come to games just because the arena looks good, and they will cheer more because they are having a good time. Of course, winning will make a difference, but winning is easier when your hometown crowd is loud and excited.

Remain consistent

The fans in Los Angeles can get behind a team that has a plan and is consistent. They tune out when they think that the franchise is just messing around. The Dodgers had to be sold because the previous ownership group lost the faith of the fans, and the Lakers have to keep Jeannie Buss in control of the team because people trust her.

Sean McVay is a young guy who could become a part of the team's identity, and that would turn on fans who want to have something to hold on to. Even if the Rams are losing, fans can look to this coach and believe that they have the right leader taking them to the next level.

The Rams can capture the hearts of fans, but we need to give them some time.