The colts and the 49ers will be playing for very different reasons Sunday, and that is why they will have a very interesting game this weekend. The 49ers need to get their offense in shape, and they need to give more reps to their defense. The Colts are trying to survive the season. We are not even sure if the Colts will survive the season, but they need to try. They are already so bad that they cannot really get any worse, and now they might have to lose to the 49ers and be even more terrible than they already were.

The 49ers defense

This is the kind of defense that would be eager to get some very big hits on Jacoby Brissett.

The Colts have to be very careful because they might be trading for yet another quarterback at the end of this game if they are not careful. This team is very pitiful right now, and they simply cannot allow the 49ers to gain any confidence by playing them well. That is why it was a very bad idea for the Colts to even let Andrew Luck practice. They probably are not crazy enough to play him right now, but we never know.

The Colts offense

The Colts will probably not score much, and they simply need to tread water while they figure out how they can get the offense to change. They need more guys to protect the quarterback, and they also need to find more skill position players. They traded their best skill position player to get Jacoby Brissett, and they might not even be able to do anything with him.

That is kind of depressing, and it is also something that should scare Colts fans. What are they going to do if Andrew Luck comes back next year and he has no one to pass the ball to or hand the ball to.

Chuck Pagano

Every bad loss will be another nail in the coffin of Chuck Pagano. He is just not in a good place right now, and he probably cannot recover.

He got stuck with some bad talent, but he could not get to the Super Bowl when he had everything in place the way that it was supposed to be. That means that Pagano might be the person who gets fired before the team wins a Super Bowl. He will be Tony Dungy before he left the Bucs. That will be a sad day for Pagano, but he might have other places to go in the NFL that would be nice for him to coach in.

Anything he learned in Indy can be used in the future, or he can go back to coordinating which he was very good at for a long time.

The 49ers are likely to win this game because they have the better defense, but they need to do more scoring than they have done recently. They need to be able to make that right very soon.