The Detroit lions will have seven people who could be out of their game on this Sunday, and that is a lot of injuries for a season that has barely started. The Lions look pretty good, but they will not be able to make the playoffs if they cannot stay healthy. This team should have beaten the Falcons, and they have a good record. We just have to figure out how they can survive this season with most of their people healthy, and they need to see if they can avoid all these injuries in the future.

Too much effort

Some people call it false hustle when the players are putting out too much energy to play the game.

The Lions have a lot of people who finish plays hard, and they might be suffering because they are working too hard. There are other parts of the game that are just down to luck. The Lions have never been that lucky with injuries, and that is why they have never been to the Super Bowl. Something unlucky always seems to happen. Their best players retire, and they have to overpay their stars.

Stafford has only receivers

The Lions offense is scoring really quickly and putting their defense back on the field. It is very good for the team to have more chances to score, but the defense never gets to rest. That means that they are probably not all that happy about the fact that they are going to get up off the bench just after they sit down.

We need to see if they can Run the ball a little bit more and slow the game down a tad. One of the best things that could happen to this franchise is getting a much better running back who can carry a lot of the load and give Stafford more time to pass.

They are using the wrong rotations

The Lions probably need more depth on their offense and defense so that they can rotate properly between plays.

They might have too many people on the field for too long, and that just makes it very hard for people to stay healthy because they might be playing in the wrong position or at the wrong time. Drafting for depth next year could make the Lions very strong so that they can compete more with the Vikings and the Packers.

They are in a tough division

The Lions are in a tough division that now has three competitive teams and a Bears team that is going to be good in the next couple of years. They cannot help but have injuries because their team is fighting so hard just to survive its own division. Combine that with playing well against the Falcons, and that just makes it very hard for them to get it together long enough to make a playoff run.