The new york yankees were able to win their wild card game against the Minnesota Twins after falling down by three runs because manager Joe Girardi was willing to take his starter out of the game. This team could have easily fallen apart, but it got a new pitcher in the game, scored a lot of runs, and is now ready to play the Cleveland Indians. The Yankees have succeeded in a season when they should have been a couple of years away from being the very best that they could be. The people who thought that Girardi was a bad manager were proved wrong, and the people who thought that the Yankees were making the wrong decisions were out of line.

It is very easy for the detractors to say that the Yankees are not good enough, but they have shown that they can get clutch hitting at the right times. They are much better than you thought, and they can beat the Indians if they keep up the hitting.

The Indians are no slouch

We have learned that the Indians are just one of the best teams we have ever seen, and there are many who believe that the Indians are practically unbeatable. They did not have a slump like the Los Angeles Dodgers had, and they went through the second longest winning streak in baseball history (22 games).

Judge is the new Jeter

Derek Jeter always had clutch hits, and it looks like Aaron Judge is going to have all the clutch hits that the Yankees need.

The Yankees are going to be able to get out of tough spots many times thanks to this, and they could beat the Indians. I do not know if they will, but we can officially blame Aaron Judge if he does not get the clutch hits. He did it more than once, and now this Yankees team is going to be counting on him.

The management is very good

Joe Girardi, general manager Brian Cashman, and all the people who are running the Yankees have been able to turn over the team in just one season. They have not been under .500 since 1993, and they are simply not going to fall below the Mendoza line again. It is very easy for people to get the idea that the Yankees have had some ups and downs, but they have not had any downs.

They are always somewhat competitive, and they could easily go to the World Series this year. All the people who were supposed to be good in a couple of years are good right now. That is because of fine management in the organization.

The team has not even peaked

The Yankees have not peaked, and they have not even come close to their potential. They have been good this year, and they have all the right components to make a deep run even though they lost their division to a Boston Red Sox team they might have to beat in the ALCS.