The following managers have turned things around for their respective ball clubs. However, only one manager reigns supreme. When reviewing these profiles, only one stands out as deserving of the American League Manager of the Year award.

AJ Hinch, Houston Astros

The Astros own the best record in the American League. The team is 72-45 and has had to deal with the loss of All-Star shortstop Carlos Correa. The Astros are in a skid right now as the team has gone 3-7 in their last ten games, but the Astros built such a lead that they are still 12.0 games up in the division.

After missing the playoffs last season, the Astros look to make a run toward the World Series.

Joe Girardi, New York Yankees

The Yankees sold off their best relievers last season and restocked their farm system, but the Yankees weren't poised to make a run at the postseason yet. However, the team is 61-55 and holds down the top wild card spot. Girardi has had to deal with issues in the rotation all season. Masahiro Tanaka and CC Sabathia have recently landed on the disabled list, while Michael Pineda is gone for the year. If the Yankees can land a playoff berth, Girardi deserves a lot of credit.

Mike Scioscia, Los Angeles Angels

Scioscia was once in the hot seat, but the Angels are on a six game win streak and lead the second wild card position by 0.5 games over the Minnesota Twins.

The Angels do not have the best team on paper, own bloated contracts, and have a weak farm system. However, if the Angels can somehow make the postseason, Scioscia gets to keep his job, and could vie for some hardware.

Paul Molitor, Minnesota Twins

The Twins didn't quite sell at the trade deadline, but they didn't buy either.

They kept their farm system intact, and are just 0.5 games out of the second wild card spot. The Twins are ahead of schedule in terms of their development, but even if the Twins don't make the postseason, Molitor should finish in the top three in terms of voting.

My take

Girardi, Scioscia, and Molitor are having better seasons with their teams this season, but the award should go to Hinch.

The Astros are clicking on all cylinders. The rotation can be dangerous when it returns healthy, and the lineup is one of the most dangerous in baseball. Even after dealing with the rut they are in, the team is so far ahead that they don't have to worry about winning three of their last 10. Hinch will turn the team around and hold onto the division. Keep in mind that this will be the first AL West division title for the Astros and their first division title since 2001 when the Astros were part of the NL Central.