The Yuri Gurriel incident has been handled correctly in that he is going to be suspended next year. He should not be suspended because he needs to be playing. If he gets hurt, that is one thing, but it is another to suspend him for something that is fairly minor. I think it makes much more sense for baseball to do what it has done. They could teach the NFL a lot about how to handle their players. Also, this makes Bud Selig look stupid and sad in hindsight.

Play everyone

Everyone needs to be playing in the World Series for the series to be viable, and it is going to be something that will get talked about a lot no matter who wins.

If the Dodgers win, the people who wanted to see Yurriel suspended will say it did not matter. If the Dodgers lose, people will blame it on the fact that the commissioner did not suspend him. The MLB cannot win because they will be criticized either way. The problem is that they only had one right answer. They had to keep the series even, and that is why they only had one right answer here. They had to keep these teams playing, and they have already defused this situation.

Rob Manfred moves fast

Roger Goodell needs to study what Manfred did because he did it right. He did not waste time, and he did not spend all his time wondering what to do and consulting with the racist fan base. He did not wonder if he should be the hammer fist or just be the kind uncle.

Goodell told this guy he would be suspended, but he said it would happen next season. We all know why he did that, and we cannot blame him for that. We are not being insulted, and we can understand why it is like this. I much prefer it this way because I know that the MLB office knows that I am not stupid.

Are we being too sensitive?

No, we are not. We have to make sure that baseball players are acting the way tha tthey should. They cannot be allowed to get away with things just because they are baseball players, and we cannot allow People Of Color to use racist slurs because they do not have any more right to treat people improperly.

It is one thing if you are speaking about your own community, but they should not be allowed to make racist comments about other people of color. It is much like women keeping their hands off pregnant women, men not slapping butts of men in public gyms, and parents not parenting other people's kids. We have to keep our hands to ourselves, and that is why Rob Manfred did this right. This is how you lead a league that needs an image boost.