Aaron Rodgers has been said to have had Profanities when he was hit and got his collarbone broken. We have two completely different sides of this story, and I do not know who to believe. The problem is that I bet both of them are telling some truths and some lies. Who knows exactly what was said, but it is interesting when a football player say the word profanities. Every football game has profanities all the time. How can this guy say Rodgers had profanities? Maybe he means something else.

What are these profanities?

If a player says profanities instead of the fact that they had words, you have to assume that they are accusing someone of saying something really really bad.

This could be the kind of thing that you would never have reported, and that makes it very interesting for you to imagine what could have been said. I will not speculate because we will never know. There are a thousand slurs and bad things you can say to someone, and I would prefer not to repeat them. It sounds bad enough just to be accused of something that is so broad and sweeping. Plus, this is the best player in football right now. Aaron Rodgers transcends the sport, and he has been drug into a personal conduct issue.

Why bring it up now?

Football Players have no idea how to shut up, and that is because they do not exert all their energy off the field. That is something they might want to learn how to do because they are bringing too much fire to Twitter wars and wars of words.

Look at racing car drivers. One time I heard Lewis Hamilton say he drove a diesel Mercedes G Class. You would think he drove a thousand mile an hour supercar, but he did not. He got all his energy out on the track, and he is about to be a four-time world champion. If he can calm down off the track, so can football players. That would be a good lesson for the NFL.

Should we stop talking about it?

We should only talk about it if there are verified very bad things that Aaron Rodgers said. That is the only reason to keep this going because there is no other reason talk all about it. If Aaron Rodgers said bad words, that means nothing because everyone in the NFL is swearing on every play.

We have to let NFL players play, and we have to remember what is important and what is not. We cannot allow a player to pull Aaron Rodgers into this mess if there is nothing more than a few swear words exchanged. It would be very hard for you enjoy football if you got upset every time you heard a bad word because this is not a family game.