I say that the Big Ten is a mess, but I know that Wisconsin is not a mess. They are the only team in the Big Ten that appears to be stable, and that tells me a lot about their chances to progress past where they have been. They could be the team that goes to the CFP from the Big Ten, and that would make it very hard for the team in the Big Ten to make a case because Wisconsin has been so consistent you did not notice. Why is the Wisconsin football program so good when others are not? How can they do this without any of us noticing?

They are getting unfairly critiqued

We are unfairly critiquing this team for losing 59-0 to Ohio State a couple years ago. Wisconsin got completely embarassed in that game, and they are still paying the price all these years later. I feel badly for them because I know that they cannot do anything about what happened that day. However, we are still judging them. This current Wisconsin team has nothing to do with that team that lost that game to Ohio State. We can tell because they are much more solid than that Badgers team from a few years ago.

They are quiet

This team does not blow its own horn, and it does not force you to look at it when it is playing. You just sort of notice that they win, and then you move on with your life.

I think that the Wisconsin football team is going to stay this way because they see no reason to be any other way. That is why they are going to have a hard time getting into the playoff if it gets sticky. There are a lot of reasons to not pick them that have to do with ticket sales and TV ratings. The Badgers are just not very sexy, and that will hurt their chances.

They are not exciting

The Wisconsin football team does not do many exciting things, and they are going to put some people to sleep with their ground and pound attack. They will get the job done, but it could be considered boring. it is definitely boring on TV, and that makes them a very long shot to get into the playoff. When Drum Corps International has done more exciting things in Camp Randall Stadium than the actual football team, you know you are not playing a very attractive form of football.

I did not say they were bad. I said drum corps is more interesting to watch even for football fans.

They are in a non-exciting conference

The Big Ten is exciting because of Penn State. Michigan is not very good but they have a weird coach. Ohio State is just ok, and Penn State is good this year. Michigan State is not very good right now, Minnesota is rebuilding, and Northwestern is nice without being great. You see the problem.