The Broncos are an improving team that seems to be able to score more than they did just after Peyton Manning retired. Everyone thought that the team would have Paxton Lynch starting At quarterback because he was the new hope from Memphis. Lynch was amazing at Memphis, and he has not been able to win the job in Denver. It appears that Trevor Siemian has become the heir apparent to Manning and Elway. There are many reasons why this team is a good choice, from their defense to this new offense. Bebe Thomas is a great receiving option, and Siemian looks comfortable in the pocket.

What is this offense made for?

This offense was made to get the ball from Siemian to Thomas. Thomas can be a great receiver for the Broncos for years to come, and Trevor Siemian seems to be able to get the ball to Thomas more often than not. Siemian has become the right player for this team after a couple years of fighting for the starting job and actually winning it over players who were supposed to be better than him. Because he had to fight for this job, Siemian seems really studied and ready to take over. That is probably why the Broncos have looked so good to start the season, and that also means that the Broncos will likely be able to parlay this into an offense that can grow over time.

What about the defense?

The defense is still great, but they are getting older. They will start to see retirements over the course of the next few years, and they need to pass off the power on this team to the offense. This would be much like what the Ravens did after they won their second Super Bowl. Now the Broncos are in a much better place because John Elway has watched the Ravens make all their mistakes, and he will not repeat them.

Do they have fantasy stars?

Demaryius Thomas is an amazing receiver who can provide a lot of Fantasy points for anyone who wants them, and Siemian will probably get better and better throughout the season. The Broncos seem to be able to score, and they will probably push Siemian higher and higher into the fantasy ranks. Trevor Siemian is not a superstar today, but you can see that he will be very soon.

The Broncos are probably already planning how to pay him because he will be worthy of a very big contract in the very near future. Thomas will be brilliant, and the defense is still worth taking in a fantasy league.

The Broncos are a sustainable team because they have watched other franchises fail while looking for a quarterback or riding their defense. The Broncos might be the first team to get this right.