Kenny Britt is a good receiver who is the best receiving threat for the Browns, but he had a very big drop in their game on Sunday. He has been a good player for some time, but he is expected to be much better than he was. The Browns were once such a bad franchise that they would allow little things like this to go unnoticed. For these Cleveland Browns, Kenny has to be better, or he could become a pariah in Cleveland if Hue Jackson is not happy with him anymore. This writer believes that the Browns are adopting a bit of the Patriots culture.

The Browns are doing much better

The Browns looked good on offense, and they were able to score against a team that is universally considered much better than them. There are a number of people who wanted to see the Browns win the game because they truly surprised the Steelers. The Steelers are a much better franchise, and they are able to win close games because that is what good teams do.

DeShone Kizer

DeShone Kizer will be held to a very high standard, and he will get better because of that expectation. The standards in Cleveland have changed so much that we expect the Browns to actually do something this season. Kizer will get much better, and we can see what his trajectory is by the end of the season.

The Browns could put him on a three or four year plan that would coincide with the end of Hue Jackson's original commitment to the team. Hue is going to be kind of coach who will push the franchise to make better choices, and they may begin drafting and signing better players because of what Jackson wants. The Browns have not ceded control to Jackson by naming him the general manager, but they have certainly let him know that they want him to tell them what to do.

The Browns are changing

The Browns are changing a lot, and they are creating a culture that looks like it did long ago when the Browns were one of the best franchises in the NFL. This was so long ago that the Browns were a team that won titles. They are in the pit of despair right now, and they are finally pulling themselves out of it.

Why not Romeo?

Romeo Crennel was the coach of the Browns who last had a very good record with the team. This team could have taken this same path with Romeo, but they did not have the pieces for this kind of rebuild. They could not have allowed Romeo to do this because they were still convinced that they were doing the right things. The Browns know now that they are terrible, and they are trying to fix it.