Blizzard relies on different ways when it comes to explained “Overwatch’s” complex lore. They use things like cinematics, voice lines, sprays, character move sets, and even comics. In line with this, the creators have released a new comic revealing more about the Tank hero, Roadhog. Unlike “The Plan,” we get a darker look at Junkertown and all the dangerous people living there. “Wasted Land” takes you on a short trip through the new “Overwatch” map and reveals a little bit more about the terrifying Roadhog.

A vile serial killer

According to Heroes Never Die, Blizzard has just released the latest “Overwatch” comic in lieu with the upcoming map.

Here, we get a good look at Mako Rutledge, better known as the controversial Tank hero, Roadhog. As previously mentioned in “The Plan,” the comic shows off the brawl he and Junkrat held at the bar which got them kicked out of Junkertown. Moreover, we also learn why Mako decided to team up with his crazy sidekick.

It seems like Roadhog has earned himself quite a notable reputation in Junkertown as he seems to be one of the most feared people. He remains mostly mute, yet often reflects back to the destruction of his home town. While his “Overwatch” bio states that he has lost all scraps of his humanity and prefers to be called by his moniker, Roadhog, the Junkers in the town still refer to him as Mako.

Aside from his background story, the comic also shows off some iconic locations from the upcoming playable escort map.

Dark Horse partnership

That aside, Blizzard has teamed up with Dark Horse to release the first anthology of “Overwatch” comics, as per another hero Never Die report. This collection will include the first 12 comics they released throughout the past year, and you can even display them on your shelf!

The comics that are included in the collection comprise of “Train Hopper,” “Dragon Slayer,” “Going Legit,” “A Better World,” “Mission Statement,” “Destroyer,” “Legacy,” “Old Soldiers,” “Junkenstein,” “Reflections,” “Binary,” and “Uprising.”

While most fans look forward to Blizzard’s cinematics, their comics are also filled with surprising lore details that continue to move the plot.

There are plenty of hints and tidbits packed within these first 12 comics, so if you’re a lore hunter, you’ll definitely want to pick up the first “Overwatch” anthology collection. The “Overwatch” Anthology Volume 1 hardcover is slated to release this October 10. IT’s currently available for pre-order as well. Meanwhile, if you want to play the first-person shooter, you can grab a copy for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.