The New York Jets have done an incredible thing in hiring Todd Bowles, and they will do an incredibly stupid thing in firing him. However, Bowles is very happy with his decision making, and he has been very dry in his responses to the media. He has people coming to him asking if he thinks that he has made the right decisions, and he has to respond that he believes he has done the right thing. He may go home and say that he is very unhappy with what has happened, but he cannot admit that to the media. The media wants to hear how he has made bad choices, how he wants to get plays back, and he simply cannot say that in public.

This will likely get him fired.

Who thinks this is ok?

The Jets are probably not making the best impression in the city, and many journalists want to know how a head Coach in the NFL could look at what he has done and think that this is ok. However, Bowles is not saying that he is happy with the decisions he made because they all worked out. We know that they did not. He is saying that he is happy that the decisions came from him and him alone. The buck stops with him, and he is willing to make tough choices that other people will not make. Todd Bowles has proven without a shadow of a doubt that he is the kind of leader who can succeed in the NFL. He is going to get fired because of this season, but he does not think that this is ok.

Compare with the Texans

Comparing Bowles with Bill O'Brien of the Texans is interesting because Bowles makes decisions that he seems to stick with. O'Brien only left Tom Savage in the game for a half before he pulled him from the starter's role. Savage was playing poorly, but he was supposed to be the starter. There are not many people in the NFL who would be happy with their tenure as a starter lasting only one-half.

Tom Savage has put a lot into the Texans, and if he was going to be the backup, he should have been told that he was the backup long before this happned. The difference in decision making is stark because Bill O'Brien was not willing to stand by what he did. It makes him look a little bit incompetent, and it makes us all wonder if he has done similar things in other places.

The players may not listen to him if they think that he does not stand behind what he says.

This writer firmly believes that the Texans are in a much worse position because they may lose the locker room. Todd Bowles is at least upfront with his players, and he has created an environment where he is willing to take one for the team.