The Seattle Seahawks should have had a much better showing in Green Bay today. They may not have been expected to win in a tough place to play like Lambeau Field, but they should not have looked this bad. Their Offensive Line is terrible, and it caused problems for Russell Wilson all day. He cannot make any significant progress if the offensive line cannot protect him, and he is actually not tall enough to just look over the line and make the throws that he wants to make. This is not Wilson's fault. This is the fault of a Seattle staff that has somehow botched the construction of this line in a major way.

Wilson is very good

However, Russell Wilson is very short compared to most NFL players, and he cannot look over the line when it is in action like a much taller quarterback would. The prototype for a successful NFL quarterback has the player standing well over six feet, and Russell is not that big. He is being crushed because the offensive line does not give him time to do anything with the ball, and it is harder to make quick decisions because he is not the biggest guy on the field.

They need to change the line

I know that benching people this early in the season is usually a bad idea because you do not want to give players a reason to lose confidence, but there are some people on the Seattle offensive line that should not be there.

The Falcons have had problems with this in the past, and the Giants are dealing with this problem right now. You, as an organization, have to get rid of anyone who is not fit to play on your team as soon as possible. You will be passed by quickly in the NFL, and you will waste your offense's best years, get your quarterback hurt, or get someone hurt so badly that it ends their career.

If you think that Russell Wilson can take the pounding because he is young, you are off base.

The defense cannot do it all

This game with Green Bay was looking like a chess match that featured two elite defenses, but the Seattle defense eventually broke. They were left on the field for far too long with a very good offense from Green Bay.

This was collapse bound to happen, and the Seattle locker room may be divided on what to do. This team has already had problems with the offense and defense not getting along, and they may have more problems if they are playing this poorly. Pete Carroll must know that he has to do something before he loses the locker room to infighting.

The Seahawks are better than this, and they need to show us in week two that they can improve. Otherwise, their season may end quickly.