Tj Watt is the younger brother of JJ Watt, and the Steelers saw it fit to spend a first round draft pick on him. One would figure that if he were anything like his brother, he would be an amazing NFL player. He has proven the Steelers right as he had two sacks, an interception, and a record tying performance for the Steelers. A city that is known for defense has welcomed their best rookie performance in a long time, and they should be thrilled that Watt is the start of perhaps a new Steel Curtain in Pittsburgh.

A new beginning

TJ Watt clearly represents a new beginning in Pittsburgh because he has done something that only two other people have done.

He had a great dance after he sacked DeShone Kizer, and he made an interception grab that you have to see to believe. He showed that he is far more athletic than most people would give him credit for, and he has proven that it is easy to succeed when you have an amazing brother like JJ Watt. You feel as though TJ has been groomed to be this amazing player, and it showed when he started for one of the best teams in the NFL over James Harrison.

Age does not matter

You could easily make the argument that James Harrison is very old, and that there is no reason why Watt should not have won the job from Harrison. However, you must remember that James Harrison is a workout machine. The man is in incredible shape even though he is older than most, and that is why it is so stunning that Watt won the job.

He won the job because he was simply better at it than someone who could be considered a hall of famer. That is a big deal when you are a rookie, and Watt has shown that he knows precisely how to do his job.


Big guys like this usually do not pick up interceptions, but TJ Watt always seems to be near the ball. He is so good at what he does that he cannot be too far away when a play occurs.

He seems like the kind of guy who can run down a running back on a long run on the outside, and he also seems like the guy who will spy crossing routes and intercept those balls more often than not. The Steelers needed a guy like this on their defense, and it appears that they have completed the total rebuild of their defense in just a couple small moves.

They also have Joe Haden on the team, and the new blood has made the Steelers a very difficult team to score against.

Can we expect this every week?

No we cannot ask Watt to be the superstar every week, but he could easily become the leader of this defense by the end of the season. The Steelers know what they have, and they will take care of him.