The Red Sox have been caught up in a cheating scandal that we have not seen in baseball before. They are alleged to have used videos and Apple Watches to track signals from other teams. The Yankees claim they caught them, and the Red Sox fired back with two very bad defenses that make no sense when you think about them for just a minute. Remember for a moment that you will have to suspend your disbelief as you watch the Boston Red Sox use defenses that are tantamount to what a 5-year-old would use.

Stealing them is part of the game

It is a part of the game in every way, and it has been part of the game for as long as anyone can rightly remember.

People notice signs that are not hidden very well, and they pass those signs on to the people who play with them. That is how you steal signs when you happen to notice them. Using video and tracking them with Apple Watches so that you can pass them on to runners and batters is cheating. That is when you have taken too many steps in the Wrong direction. You cannot then turn back and accuse everyone of doing the same thing because they are not doing something as sad and pathetic as what you are doing. If you caught the sign naturally, good for you. If you did not earn that sign, then you need to stop it.

Stealing signs is not illegal

Dave Dombrowski said that he thought stealing signs was okay, but he left out the fact that his team was doing more than stealing signs.

They were cataloging signs using electronic equipment, and they were not using the signs fairly. Stealing signs fairly means that you are doing a bit of guessing or wondering if the other team changed their signs. Using video to catalog the signs is much different than trying to remember them after you notice them during a game.

They know they are guilty

The Red Sox know they are guilty as sin, and that is why they had to fire back with the defenses of a small child. Anyone who has small children knows that little kids will point to their sibling to say, "she did it!" There are many people who will stand up to defend them because they love The Red Sox, but they would be wrong because the team is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons

They may be punished soon

They should be punished soon by the MLB office, and there are pundits who believe that the Red Sox are going to be fined and punished accordingly. They will likely not be hit with more than a simple fine, but it may need to be major to show that no one should be doing this.