The man who would be MVP could be any one of many who is skilled and ready to lead his team deep into the playoffs. You cannot be the MVP if you are not taking your team deep in the playoffs, and you simply cannot be the sort of player who is piling up stats while your team is not performing all that well. Matt Ryan could be the MVP, or it could be someone like Tom Brady or Russell Wilson. The man who would be MVP is the man who would take his team the farthest while looking the best. That is why Matt Ryan was MVP last year, and it will be the same test for this year's MVP.

No Tom Brady

He could legitimately be the MVP every year of his career, but it makes more sense to take him out of this conversation because we know that he will be talked about already. It is more interesting to look at other people who could have a similar impact on their team. That would leave us with people whose names we know, and it will leave one defensive player that we must discuss.

JJ Watt

JJ Watt could be the MVP if the Texans do scary things in the playoffs. They would have a nice offense that is run by good young players, but he would be the anchor of a defense that stops people from scoring. This would keep the Texans in games, and it would ensure that the Texans have a solid chance in every game they play.

They could be dangerous if they get to the playoffs, and a stellar performance by Watt would make him the MVP simply because we can all see that he is that much better than everyone else.

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan will not be the MVP again because he was already questioned when he won the MVP last year. Plenty of people came out of the woodwork to say that Tom Brady should have been the MVP, and that made the whole thing very awkward.

The Falcons then lost the Super Bowl to Brady after a major comeback, and it sort of solidified the idea that Ryan is not MVP caliber material. He is very good, but he will probably never win that award again unless he throws for 6000 yards in a season and wins the Super Bowl.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson could be the MVP if the Seahawks get back to the Super Bowl and he spends most of the season standing in the pocket.

He is a very good player who clearly knows how to lead this team, but he needs to be more of the stand up quarterback that everyone expects him to be if he wants to last in the NFL. He could get hurt at any time, and he is much better off picking apart defenses from the comfort of the pocket behind his amazing offensive line. Who will it be? We do not know.