Tom Brady and the New England Patriots do not need to figure out the Saints because they are so much better than the New Orleans Saints. The Patriots had a bad loss to start the season, and they will come back with a drubbing of the Saints in week two. A Patriots player has claimed that they are on to the Saints, but that is not really necessary when the talent and skill gap is so wide. The Patriots have a chance to redeem themselves after starting poorly, and they will see a Saints team that is absolutely terrible right now.

The Saints know

The Saints must know that they are not a very good team, and they will see Brandin Cooks have a very good day for the Patriots.

The Patriots will figure out what they are doing with Cooks, and they will learn how to get around the Saints defense. The Saints offense does not have enough pieces to score against a Patriots defense that will likely be in the top ten in the league come the end of the season. This major gap in talent and ability will cause problems for the Saints because they will not be able to score enough to feel as though they are in the game. The Patriots will probably come out slinging the ball everywhere, and they will put up many points so that they can get over that bad loss to the Chiefs.

Bulletin board material

The Patriots like to have bulletin board material, and they will use any perceived slights to get motivated to play their games.

If I titled this article "The Patriots officially stink," they would use even that to get motivated. They want to have every advantage possible going into a game, but they do not stink. This team is ready to continue their season and find the 12-4 or 13-3 record that is common for them. They may not win the Super Bowl, but they will most likely come close.

We will see a much better version of their offense, and we will learn quickly how good they are at managing their emotions.

Playing disciplined football

Sean Payton is not known for running teams that play disciplined football. They outscored everyone when they won a Super Bowl in New Orleans, and the team has not been known as a powerhouse since that time.

They are missing more pieces than normal, and they are not coached on the same level as the Patriots. We should sit back and wait for the Saints to show us how bad they can actually be. They will not start the season well, and they will get beaten up badly by the Patriots. Starting 0-2 is a bad look for a team that has a Hall of Fame quarterback.