While good news poured in for former Nebraska football players on Saturday after the draft was completed, fans are still waiting to see one name mentioned as a free agent signee. Jordan Westerkamp was originally thought to be signing with the New England Patriots ­but it turned out that talk was nothing more than rumors mixed with a little bit of wishful thinking by some Nebraska fans who wanted to look as if they were in the know.

It was well known that questions were going to be surrounding Westerkamp on draft weekend, simply because the wide receiver is not yet 100 percent after suffering an injury at the end of the Huskers’ season.

What has surprised many is that so far, he’s one of the only NFL eligible players that has not at least gotten a shot to show what he can do.

Nebraska football players signing left and right

Perhaps even more irksome than Westerkamp not signing with any NFL team as an undrafted free agent yet, is that even his former quarterback has managed to land a deal, at a position other than quarterback. Former Nebraska signal caller Tommy Armstrong was among the first of the former Huskers to announce he had signed a deal.

Armstrong joined several other former Nebraska football players on the Minnesota Vikings, though it’s not entirely clear what position he might be playing. There has been all kinds of talk about where he might play in the NFL from wide receiver to defensive back.

It appears for now the Vikings are going to leave it a bit open.

New England Patriots connection still open?

One of the reasons people thought Jordan Westerkamp was headed to the New England Patriots is because it made too much sense. Westerkamp, who was considered one of the best receivers in college football when the season kicked off, suffered from bad quarterback play and injuries in 2017.

He seemed to be the kind of player the Pats could take and turn into another Julian Edelman type.

It’s clear there were more than a few Nebraska fans who hoped he was headed to play with Tom Brady because New England also has the leigh way necessary to allow Westerkamp to grow into a true NFL player.

Without blazing speed, he was always going to have to prove he could play with the big boys. It should be pointed out that just because he has not signed with the Patriots, or anyone else as of this morning, it doesn’t mean he won’t be signing a contract soon. It seems unlikely we’ll make it all the way through Sunday without Jordan Westerkamp ending up somewhere.