The Seattle Seahawks are in very deep trouble, and they need to do something that is going to help them grow past this season. I would not suggest that they just throw away the season, but they have clearly screwed up in the development of their team. They need to decide who they are willing to let go, or they need to make a very big move in the upcoming draft. There are some ways for the Seahawks to get right after a bad start to the year, but they have to be bold in making these moves.

All your money is in Wilson

All the money that the Seahawks have is tied up in Russell Wilson.

They have a lot of money invested in their defense, and they have nothing left for their Offensive Line. The line has been left in shambles, and they need to do something so that they can get a few young guys in there where they can stick around on the cheap for four or five years. You need to be sure that you have drafted as many of these guys as you can if you are the Seahawks, and you can decide who to and to not pay in the future. Russell Wilson will be much older, and your team will have gotten rid of some of the defensive players who are very expensive. The team can get into a rhythm where they switch between building the defense and the offensive line if they play their cards right.

Drafting is their specialty

The Seahawks have done a terrible job drafting their offensive line, and that seems to be their only weakness. Their only focus should be the offensive line this summer, and they need to be sure that they try to draft all their replacements at one time. They could go so far as to draft more than one guy from the same team, and that could be really helpful.

It all depends on who they like, but they have to do something.

The Seahawks cannot save this season

The Seahawks cannot save this season if they have an offensive line that is this terrible. Russell Wilson is going to get very hurt, and that could end their season even earlier. There are some people who are going to have their chance to step up, and they will have a vision for the future.

The Rams and the 49ers are not capable of winning this division, but the Cardinals might get it together. The Seahawks would be left without a playoff spot, or they would be the worst team in the playoffs if they won this division.

Is it actually Russell Wilson's fault?

No, it is not. It is the fault of the Seahawks for giving him all that money. They probably could have afforded to pay him a little bit less than they are, and they would not be out of money now.