This is not trolling, everyone. Spelling 31-0 on a marching field is juvenile. It is a little sad. It is completely unoriginal, and it is not trolling if you are not playing the team that you beat 31-0. This is more like a subtweet, and since the band is so inconsequential in this conversation, maybe we should imagine what would happen if they played that game between Clemson and Ohio State this year.

That was last year

Wagging your finger at a team that just won yesterday in Bloomington, Indiana makes no sense only because Ohio State is better than you right now.

If we were to play that game again, we would have to look at who is not going to be there. There would be no Deshaun Watson for Clemson. He is a Houston Texan now, and Clemson would field someone who is not as good as JT Barrett. That is the reality of the situation, and it is a bit hard to avoid.

Sidenote about bands

Ohio State's band is better, has been better, and will be better. And, before you accuse me of being an Ohio State homer, I went to a private school That plays FCS football. I just know that the Ohio State band is actually better, and they have a better fight song. I hope they come out next week with a retaliation show because it would be far better designed than what I just saw out of Clemson.

Ohio State is consistent

What if Deshaun Watson was the Clemson savior, but it will never ever get any better than it just was? We are on the third quarterback of the three who were on the roster when Ohio State won their title. They have been so consistent that they still have one of those guys playing, and he is pretty good.

Urban Meyer is objectively a better coach, and the Ohio State program is just better overall. I would like to see more consistency out of Clemson before they start acting like big-timers.

Scoring this year's game

Clemson would likely lose 42-14. It would be ugly only because they do not have the offense they did last year. Ohio State has effectively the same offense, and they have a defense that is just as good.

You can see how that would turn out, and I just do not see Dabo outcoaching Urban Meyer. They could have a contest to see who has the strangest name, but that is about it.

We really need to see if Clemson can beat Louisville and Florida State this season. That will interest me a lot because I can imagine many scenarios in which they cannot beat either team. Louisville could be a very hard out for Clemson, and that would make a bid for a repeat difficult to justify.