Wilson Speights came in and threw two consecutive interceptions that were returned for touchdowns. They sent in a 5th year backup, and now the Michigan Wolverines are slumping. That is only the beginning of their matchup with the Florida Gators, and we have learned that Michigan actually has no quarterbacks at all. How did they get to this point if they seem to have so much going for them?

The team was supposed to be so good

We bought the hype that we were fed by Jim Harbaugh about how this team was put together. He spent a lot of time deflecting to make sure that we were not paying attention to the fact that he had nothing to speak of in the way of quarterbacks, and he ensured that we would not even be paying attention until we saw it with our own eyes on the field.

It is really hard to trust him going forward knowing that he had practically nothing to give us on offense. I am not even a Michigan fan, but I can imagine how mad you would be if you were.

Michigan might switch back

What if they go back to Wilson Speights because they realize that they do not know if either one of these players is viable at all? Now they have to start over completely when they get to practice on Monday, and I do not know if they have more guys on the roster who can help them. It would be Hard To Imagine this team having any sort of rhythm going into week two, and that could mean they lose that game as well. That is how much of a mess this is right now.

What do they do?

I think they need to name a firm starter at the end of next week.

Let us know who the starter is going forward so that there is no trouble. It would be really hard to imagine them leaving the mystery out there that would also confuse their players. They need to know who the best QB is for the team, and they need to be told before the team starts to fall apart. It is a bit hard to imagine this team getting any better if they are constantly wondering how they will line up, and they will be in an even harder spot if they are afraid that they cannot do anything that would be considered effective.

How bad is this for them?

I would be panicking already because they have seen their starter go out there and stink it up about as bad as possible. This is one of those things that someone who loves Michigan football could be afraid to even watch. I am afraid to watch, and I do not even care if Michigan is any good or not. I am only intrigued because I listened to the hype without testing it. We all got fooled by Jim Harbaugh.