The Buffalo Bills have cut Johnathan Williams because they are not willing to go on with him on their team. They drafted him last year, and it appears that the team is willing to do anything it can to solve its old problems. They will apparently get rid of anything that makes them think of the old regime, and that could spell trouble as they seem to make blind moves that are based on emotion and not football.

Why cut everyone?

The Bills are simply getting rid of everyone that they think is not going to be in line with what they want to do. They are going to cut every single player who is going to be a reminder of how the team used to be Run.

It is important for you to remember that the NFL is a system game. The Bills now have a new system, and they will cut you if you do not fit. Used a pick on you last year? Too bad, you are gone. That is how the NFL works, and it is why you are seeing so many rash moves in Buffalo.

Can they improve?

No. I think that having a team run like this will be hard on the players and the staff. There are a certain number of people who will be on eggshells because they will always think that they have to do something that will help them stay. They are constantly in a state of emotional turmoil, and they cannot perform like that. I would never want to coach a team like that, and I most certainly would not want to be on a team that was like that.

I would be so anxious all the time that I would not want to be there.

Their division is too good

The Patriots make things hard for the Bills, and they still have to consider the Dolphins. There is no way that someone will be in the way of the Patriots because the Patriots are favored in every game. The Bills might play them well for a little while, but they will not be able to beat them.

This team hates the Patriots so much that they are trying too hard, and they are probably targeting their own division instead of trying to build a roster.

What is the remedy?

Truly starting over is the only remedy. The Bills have to start completely over if they plan to work like this. They have to be willing to change everything, and they need to get over their hate of their division.

You can feel how much the AFC East hates the Patriots, and it is not doing them any favors. I think that it would be much easier for them to succeed if they focused on themselves. However, you can see that they are so desperate to prove themselves in their division that they cannot play well. Stop trying to beat the Patriots and compete with yourself first.