The Buffalo Bills entered the NFL draft with question marks at several different positions. Cornerback, safety, and wide receiver were all positions that the Bills needed to address. In the days prior to the draft, the Bills had been linked to safety Malik Hooker, wide receiver Mike Williams, and tight end O.J. Howard. They picked none of those players. Instead, the Bills traded down.

Trade Deal with Kansas City.

In a Trade Deal with the Chiefs, the Bills moved from 10th position to 27th position. The Bills received a 3rd round pick from the Chiefs in 2017 and a first round 2018 pick from the team.

By trading up, Kansas City was able to draft Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes. But several NFL statisticians suggested that the Bills got the much better end of the deal. Another party that believed they got the better end of the deal was the Buffalo Bills, who were happy to execute the deal.

Chiefs Trolled by Buffalo Bills

On Facebook, the Bills organization decided to congratulate themselves on a job well done.

You have to admire the Bills commitment to their ideals here. The organization is proud of a trade and isn't afraid to commit and own what they did in the draft. And that last sentence suggests that the Buffalo Bills were only too happy to make this trade with the Chiefs.


Did the Buffalo Bills execute one of the best trades in the 2017 NFL draft?

Twitter statisticians and draft experts seem to think the Bills got the far better end of this deal.

Instead of drafting one elite player with the 10th overall pick, the Bills can draft an elite first round player, add depth in the third round, and utilize two first round draft picks on solid players in the 2018 NFL draft.

It's hard to see how the Bills could have lost in a trade like this.

In return, the Chiefs received a 10th overall pick that they used on quarterback Patrick Mahomes. They already have a quarterback in Alex Smith and won't get complete use out of Mahomes until Smith's tenure as quarterback is over. In contrast, the Bills will receive players who will immediately contribute to their roster.

Chiefs Deserved It?

In an analysis of this trade, it's hard to find a scenario in which the Bills lost. They made out as victors in this trade, and should troll the Chiefs for what they gave up to get Mahomes. Now Bills fans just hope that the team can use those additional draft picks on players that will actually help end one of the longest playoff droughts in professional sports.