The Cleveland Browns have a very young Roster, and that roster starts with the quarterback spot. They have three guys on the roster who are perfect for their plan, but these three guys have not won any games. That is only a problem if you want to win right now. I think that they can do much better by simply trying to build a roster that will be good in the future. They could build something that is spectacular if they are willing to take their time -- while not reading the stats on every player that are meaningless.

The Browns have a plan

I have pointed out more than once that the Browns have a plan, and I believe that they are doing well under that plan.

It is important for them to stay the course if they want to start winning games, and I believe that they can do that while they build the resume of each guy on their roster. Someone may not have any experience, but they can get it if the team trusts them.

Kizer will be good

You and I both know that DeShone Kizer could be very good in the NFL in a couple of years. I think we need to do what the Browns are doing and look very close at how they are judging the players they have. They should look for progress, and I think that progress will make their team better. They can see Kizer gain wins on his resume, and he can say that he knows how the NFL works at the end of the season. That is a much safer way to build a roster.

Once you have done something once, you can say that you know what you are doing. You are an experienced starting quarterback, and that will matter to the people around him.

They have Joe Thomas

They have Joe Thomas on the roster, and the presence of Joe Thomas can make a quarterback better if they are willing to listen. He is going to be in the hall of fame very soon, and he should be asked to coach up the passer so that the offense will be much more efficient.

He is an amazing player and person who can help, and I would ask him to be a player-coach because I think that he can help on that level.

The Browns have no pressure

The Browns have no pressure on them because they know that they cannot be competitive right now. They have all season to work something out that will make their team better, and they can use this season as a learning experience.

The experience that the team gets will make them better, and they will come into camp next year knowing that Kizer is the man. He can become more of a leader, and the team will have a little bit of hope that they did not have in the past because there was no one to lead them.