Fsu football has taken a major hit by losing Deondre Francois in their opener after he limped off with what must have been a knee injury. They probably will not tell us anything until they have real answers, but they were hoping that he could be their new version of Jameis Winston. They wanted to know that the team could have that strong leader who would pull them along, and now he could be out for significant time. I hope that he comes back, but we are about to find out how good their defense is.

The big game hurts

You could get hurt at any time in any game, and I think that it is important to remember that.

However, I am intrigued by the idea that playing harder teams earlier in the season is not as safe. Perhaps college players need more time to develop, and that is something that we really need to consider when we are setting these schedules. It is important for us to remember that the players are still growing, and they may need more time to prepare. I hate to say that the cupcake games could be helpful for these teams, but it could be. That may make it easier to avoid injuries early in the season.

Florida State's defense is immense

The defense at Florida State is so good right now that they may be able to carry a team with a weakened offense. Someone who loves the team is probably scared that they will not be able to score, but I can imagine them scoring more on defense.

improving your scoring defense makes everything better, and it avoids the issues that lesser teams would have when they lose important skill position players.

The ACC is not that good

We are so interested in making sure that the ACC feels like they are viable that we forget that they only have Louisville to worry about. Louisville kicked their butts so bad last year that I am still surprised by it, and there is no one else standing in their way.

This is why I would like to see that game again because it will tell me if the FSU team can make it through the whole season. I think they can live without their best player, but I also think that they need to have a plan to get to that point if Francois is really hurt.

The Seminoles have a large window

They have time with Francois to see what he can do, but I think that they want to get in their hits while they can in this season because they see that there are weaknesses all around the league. They have a whole nation of teams that have problems with offense, and they could capitalize on those problems because they have Francois.