The Jets have traded Sheldon Richardson to the Seahawks, and they got Jermaine Kearse back in return. The two teams are trading because the Seahawks get more help on their defense and the Jets get an offensive piece they need. I believe the trade came about because the Jets were done with Richardson, and it all has to do with the way that he ran his mouth to start the season. I like to believe that NFL players are put on notice when they do not listen to other grown people who give them orders.

The Brandon Marshall thing

The Brandon Marshall thing is what started this.

Sheldon Richardson was so upset with Brandon Marshall after he left the Jets that he spent a lot of time running his mouth about it. Marshall, for his part, said nothing, and the two were in a bit of a stalemate that was really based around the idea that the two were no longer on the same team so it did not even matter. We all wondered if they were going to continue trading barbs, but we started to hear that Todd Bowles told the Jets not to talk about last season.

The Seahawks get a good piece

The Seahawks got a good piece back in Richardson, and they are giving the Jets what they need in a receiver. There was no reason for the Jets to hold onto Richardson if they did not want to deal with him.

They can get rid of him if they are tired of dealing with this, and they are well within their rights to force him to hit the road when he cannot listen to something very simple. Seeking out the media and running your mouth about someone that you are not supposed to talk about takes work. If I am an employer who has employees who are going out of their way to be insubordinate, I am going to move on from them.

The Jets are already so bad that it does not matter at all. They should just let him go and make up for it later.

The Jets are turning over everything

They are planning to suck so bad that they can draft Sam Darnold, and they have already shipped off most of their good players. Their owner is the ambassador to the UK, and they are playing in a stadium that has almost no homefield advantage at all.

Basically, the Jets are a mess. They cannot get any worse, and they are so bad that they had to trade one of their best players because he could not stop talking. I do not know about you, but I know that I would be beside myself if I were Todd Bowles. I wonder if he should have asked to be released from his contract last year just to avoid this mess. Maybe he could have stopped the madness.