I have a look at quarterbacks in the league every year and think of what it must be like to have their careers judged on a few different plays that happened in the season before. I also have to wonder how we come to the conclusions that we do about how they should feel about the upcoming season. First of all, these guys are all millionaires, and they do not care what we think. If they do care about what we think, that is a problem. I imagine the pressure we universally try to put on these guys is the highest on Aaron Rodgers, and I can tell you why.

He should have won more

We like to think that the Packers have had many chances to win Super Bowls, and we like to act as though Aaron Rodgers should have won another title by now. That is something that is remarkable to me because I am wondering how the league judges how much someone should win. Eli Manning has two Super Bowls, ad whe won both of those in stunning fashion. We cannot then look at Aaron Rodgers and tell him that he should have won more. We are trying to pressure him into thinking he is underacheiving, and I know that he is not.

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan will have a lot of pressure on him in Atlanta because Atlanta sports fans are never reasonable. I live in the city, and I can tell you that the people down here think the Falcons will just waltz right back to the Super Bowl.

The Falcons will have the best offense in football, but that does not mean they will go back to the Super Bowl. We need to stop pretending that it is that easy. However, I will say that it is a bit disappointing that the Falcons have not won more playoff games.

Joe Flacco

He basically has all the Ravens' money. He has such a large contract that the team cannot afford to pay other pieces that they need, and it is making a difference in the locker room.

I want to see Joe get deep into the playoffs, but he has already won a Super Bowl. I cannot really ask too much of him considering he has a ring and I do not.

Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford has pressure on him from Lions fans who are probably upset about his new contract. The new contract that he got is not his fault, and the Lions are not losing because of him.

He has not won a playoff game, but he is still better than anything they have ever had aside from Barry Sanders. I ihink we need to lay off Matthew until the Lions actually put together a team that will be competitive around him. Each of these guys should play just fine this season, and I think the idea of pressure needs to be squashed.