Leonard Fournette can serve as the featured back for a number of weekly fantasy teams in the future, and he could help you win your leagues every week because he has to be the best offensive option in Jacksonville. The Jaguars have lost Allen Robinson for the season, and Fournette will become the focus of their offense. A feature back that can run that much in his debut is a very good candidate for rookie of the year, and he can start to collect the fantasy points that you need to get through this season. Ensure that you have taken a look at what the Jags running back can do for you as you draft.

He helps Bortles

There is no question that Fournette can help Blake Bortles play better, and there is no reason to stop using Fournette in the future. You might choose to draft both of these guys because they impact each other's play so much. The running game in Jacksonville could get good enough that Bortles starts passing more, and he might start giving you fantasy points that you really need. Do not be afraid to take Fournette even though he is young. He is your next best bet in weekly fantasy aside from Kareem Hunt.

Fournette will only improve

Fournette will only improve during the season because he has many opportunities to get better. He will carry the ball so much that he will learn how the NFL is planning to defend him, and he can start to make changes to the way he is running.

Small adjustments to his game will make Fournette a better player, and he will start shredding opposing defenses because he has the help that he needs in a good offensive line and a quality quarterback.

Dumping off the ball

Fournette is a place where Blake Bortles can dump the ball if he is having a hard time in the pocket, and Fournette will help prevent any catastrophes that might happen if Bortles is stuck in a bind.

Fournette can slip out of the backfield on pass plays for catches that he can break for big runs, and he will be very dangerous in the open field. Someone who watches the Jags every week knows that the team has been missing a good secondary offensive option, and now they have Fournette. He will be good for more fantasy points, and he will help improve stats for Blake Bortles.

Maybe it is easy

Leonard Fournette got a lot of flack from the media for saying that the NFL was easy, and he may be proven right. He could run for well over 1000 yards this season, and he will be given a number of chances to catch for close to 1000 yards because he is their best offensive player.