Sam Bradford has a very good running back behind him, and he has been given a gift in Dalvin Cook. The Vikings were pretty good under Bradford last year, and now he has that running option that will make the defense respect the passing game more. The Vikings have made the exact right draft choice for their offense, and they will continue to improve because they have all the right pieces in the right places. They must try to utilize Dalvin Cook in all the right ways, and they should take advantage of his versatility.

Bradford cannot do it all

Sam Bradford has been asked to do it all in the past, and it is very hard for him to make all the throws when there is no way for someone behind him to help.

The bad relationship with Adrian Peterson made it very hard for the Vikings offense to excel because it was clear that the Vikings and Peterson were not happy with each other. This is a new relationship with Bradford and Cook that could last until the end of his career. He can play to an advanced age, and he can grow with Dalvin Cook because the two can learn how to run this offense properly.

Cook has to star

Dalvin Cook needs to be the star in this offense, and he needs to be featured as much as possible so that he can shine. He is a very quick back who is capable of making plays, and he should be given every chance to make plays because it is very hard for him to help the Vikings if he is only seeing the ball 15 times a game.

He should be used as a workhorse that will carry the ball through good times and bad, and he can keep the Vikings on an even keel. He has the skill and talent to make this team much better, and he can prevent this team from spiraling out of control if they are having a bad day.

The Vikings have hope

The Vikings have hope now because they have been given all the pieces to succeed.

They have not had these pieces in the past, and they have had them injured when they believed that they drafted well. Teddy Bridgewater has lost his job due to injury, and the Vikings lost Adrian Peterson due to child abuse allegations. Those things all conspired to make life hard in Minnesota, and the Vikings' bosses have been hoping to get their team back on the right page.

They have found all they need in Bradford and Cook.

Minnesota can compete

The Vikings might not get into the playoffs this year, but they can compete in the future as they begin to build their roster. They have made wise choices that will make their team much more powerful on offense. They can start outscoring their opponents.