There is more to Season 3, Episode 8 of “Rick and Morty” than meets the eye. A lot of fans were expecting to see Rick’s change of heart in the latest episode, “Morty’s Mind Blowers."

In this newest episode, Rick was seen trying to change his nihilistic attitude, but unfortunately, he was his usual selfish genius that never gets tired of swearing at people.

Will getting rid of Morty’s bad memories about Rick make the latter a better person?

Morty’s Mind Blowers” seemed to be an episode of therapeutic session. All the memories of Morty, which his genius grandfather rubbed out for him, were revisited by Morty himself through what appeared to be a technology that used vials to travel back in time.

The different past events that happened to Morty were contained in the vials with different colors. The blue ones were his traumatic experiences that he wanted to forget, while the red ones were his memories in which Rick totally messed-up.

As the two continued exploring a myriad of memories, they had a dialogue in which the young boy began raising existentialist questions. These seemingly simple, but philosophical questions, may have actually encapsulated the entire Season 3 of “Rick and Morty. Some of the questions raised by the kid include the following: If past events were totally disregarded and Morty’s memories were wiped out, could he really ever grow up as an individual? And perhaps the most thought-provoking question: If the sinful periods of people’s lives and the bad times they had been through can be easily thrust aside, can a person be really aware of the person he truly is?

The nihilistic, drunkard genius eluded Morty’s questions by unnecessarily reprimanding him for searching for answers to an insignificant series of non-linear events. “It’s a freeform anthology…I’m getting annoyed you’re not hearing that,” Rick, in his usual dismissive tone, told Marty.

Understanding the human psyche

The sci-fi aspect of the latest episode of ‘Rick and Morty’ allowed the audience to delve into the human psychology.

Through Morty’s memories, we understand what it really means to be human: imperfect and fragile. And just like all the great works of art, “Rick and Morty” enables us to go through their out-of-this-world experiences with the duo serving as our looking-glass.

Morty’s Mind Blowers” was an episode concerning the pain and fragility that comes with being a human who is capable of deeply loving another human with his own peculiar emotions.

Episode 8 apparently ended up with no resolution at all, so much like the other episodes of “Rick and Morty”. At the end of the show, we saw Summer, Morty’s sister, walk into the room and save the two as they were about to perform another reckless feat, hitting the reset button and bringing back everything that the two went through.