US President Donald Trump had said Global warming was a hoax and pulled out of the 2015 paris climate accord. Studies now reveal that there was substance in his assessment because the issue was allegedly exaggerated according to Michael Grubb, a professor of international energy and climate change at University College London.

He carried out further studies on the subject and accepted that the earlier projections were erroneous. The team of academics has agreed that the warnings made during the conference on climate change held in Paris 2015 were pessimistic.

Reversal of stand

Daily Mail UK reports that this new scenario can be attributed to the revolution in solar power which cut down the generation of carbon dioxide as witnessed in China. It took the lead in this area and produced 100 gigawatts (GW) of solar power. Nearly a quarter of it was produced in the past six months. Moreover, UK also contributed to the cause through its offshore wind power. This combination of solar and wind power has helped to arrest global warming to a large extent.

The latest research has concluded that global warming is not as severe as was projected. Michael Grubb explained that this was because CO2 emissions from a country like China have shown signs of stabilizing ahead of schedule.

This was a creditable achievement.

Myles Allen, a professor at Oxford University, has added that if the trend continues, it will help the cause and targets set in the Paris Climate Accord can be achieved. The findings of the study indicate that fossil fuels must, necessarily, go. However, the time frame can be extended to remove them in totality and reduce the availability of such fuels.

That would give a boost to arrest climate change.

Global warming must remain a priority

The findings of the study regarding global warming are positive and will certainly lessen the burden of humankind, but the fact remains that the phenomenon cannot be ignored. Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, and disasters like hurricanes and floods keep striking different parts of the world.

These destroy habitation and heap miseries on people and must be avoided.

According to the research of Professor Grubb, there is more elbow room to resolve matters related to climate change. This is because there is a greater awareness among people. Some countries have already defined dates for banning fossil fuels, and the demand for electric cars is also on the rise. The world has accepted that it is necessary to tap new sources of energy like solar power, wind power, and electricity since such measures will help to bring down CO2 emissions. The bottom line is that fossil fuels must be phased out sooner or later to fulfill the objectives of the Paris Climate Accord.