Blake Bortles looked amazing on Sunday. He looked like the guy who stunned Louisville and Baylor in the same season, and he looked like the kind of guy who has the killer instinct you expect in the leader of your team. This writer truly thought that the Jags would be terrible because Bortles was not all that good. He must have made a change because he is so much better right now. The Jaguars can be very good when they are using this particular offense, and they must attempt to replicate what they did every week. They are clearly in contention for the AFC South title because of how they looked on Sunday, and they must prove to us that they are this good every week.

No one is asking them to go 16-0, but we are asking them to perform much better. 9-7 or 10-6 is more than possible based on what we just saw.

Go get Gates

Trade some picks or a couple guys you do not want for Antonio Gates. Let the Chargers take whatever you do not want, put Gates across from Bortles, and let them improve as a pair. Antonio Gates could make Blake Bortles look much better, and it would be exciting to see Bortles have a really dangerous passing threat. There are many people who love Antonio Gates, and there are plenty of teams that could talk the Chargers into trading for him. Jacksonville needs to pull the trigger now so that they can make their offense better instantly.

Upgrade the offensive line

A desperate team in the league might want to get rid of different players that they are not happy with, and they could easily trade an offensive lineman to the Jaguars. The Jags would be very easy to persuade because they want to protect Blake Bortles, and they would be much easier to trade with because they have young players they can work with.

These are the only two trades that this writer would make, but they would be more than worth it. The Jaguars are very close to being very good, and we should expect them to make changes so that they can get closer to the Titans.

The staff is smart

Doug Marrone learned his lesson, and he has worked out a way to make Bortles better with this offense.

He created something that is specific to Bortles, and he will continue to use the skills that Bortles has to create a much better offense. Someone who has questions about how the staff manages Bortles need only look at how he played in week one. He looked solid, unmoved, and ready for the NFL to come at him. The Jaguars need to work on their defense, and they need to make Bortles repeat this past Sunday.