What Hope Hicks seems to be the beneficiary of is what I like to call “Nepotism by proxy.” That is to say that she has ridden the same coat tails as Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, right into The White House. And the White House yet again begins resembling the home of a dictator and those that live to serve him.

Hope Hicks has been next to the Trump family since 2012, just two years after graduating college from Southern Methodist University where she majored in English. What a relief! At least we know she is qualified to put words together properly in sentence form!

Maybe she could teach Donald a few more words with which to communicate.

Hope Hicks: a fashion model and a jock that knows English and stuff

Back on point though, Hope Hicks has done nothing at all relevant for the position of White House Communications Director. The extent of her post collegiate career has been to spend a few years, and I emphasize “few,” sucking up to the Trump family. Before that, she was merely an English major in college. But mostly she was a jock and a fashion model. That, to me, makes her more qualified to star in a television sitcom than to fill the shoes of White House Communications Director.

Hicks began working for the public relations firm, Hiltzik Strategies, in 2012 and thus her relationship with their client, Ivanka Trump began.

The work Hope was doing for Ivanka had to do with increasing the Ivanka Trump Fashion Line and modeling for her online store. So one could say, if the White House needs a fashion makeover, Hope Hicks is the girl for you! However, I do not believe she knows the first thing about being a White House communications director. In much the same way that Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have the slightest clue how to be the President of The United States.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: redefining the role of Press Secretary

This is becoming more and more apparent as he fills White House staff positions with people that seem to have no clue about what they are doing. Even Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, The White House Press Secretary, performs her job by merely being obtuse, uptight, redundant, bellicose and flippant.

Either she is redefining the role of White House Press Secretary, or she more than likely has no clue what that role should be.

It also seems that Huckabee-Sanders doesn’t care what the official role of Press Secretary entails. Unless one defines that role as avoiding answering any important questions and talking instead about Donald Trump makes such great deals. I’d say that she should make used car commercials, but I’ve never seen anyone with less personality that she possesses.

To sum up my personal position regarding the addition to the House, it appears to me that Donald Trump wants to fill The White House with family, friends, models, guidos, and actors. I for one keep waiting for Sarah Huckabee Sanders to announce the new television series. It would most likely be a stooge comedy. It’s already a bad one.