The New England Patriots traded Jacoby Brissett to the Colts because there may be fears that the Colts have problems with the quarterback. They may have needed a little insurance to help them get through the season, and they sent Phillip Dorsett to the Patriots in return. Dorsett is needed badly by the Patriots, and he could make a name for himself when he arrives in New England. They can get him to do anything, and they will turn him into a 1000-yard receiver who looks perfect. The system works, and he must be excited to work with Tom Brady.

The Patriots can make it work

They will throw this guy on the field, and they will tell him to catch the ball that Tom Brady throws. I should remind you that I do not like Tom Brady as a human being simply because he seems shady, but as a football player, he is brilliant. I once saw a tape of him miss a guy who had fallen on the ground because he had already gone through his progression. He said openly that he had no idea that that receiver had fallen down. He is that good at what he does. He can throw Dorsett open on every pass, and he can help him learn how to function in the NFL.

It is much like Kobe

Do you remember all those role players who won two titles with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol? You do not because those guys were coached up by Kobe.

Tom Brady does the same thing. He can make any receiver look good, and it is one of the reasons we loved to compare him to Peyton Manning. They both made guys look really good when they played together, and they were able to give these receivers the best ball to catch. Have you ever watched Tom Brady throw a football? It is perfect in every sense I can assure you of that.

They have to replace Edelman

Let us say for the sake of this argument that Phillip is brilliant this season. He will take Julian Edelman's job because that is how the Patriots work. Tom Brady got his job because Drew Bledsoe got hurt, and that is how the team functions. Dorsett could end up being a hall of famer because Edelman got unlucky.

However, Julian Edelman looks so good that someone else will sign him and give him the money he deserves. The system works for everyone. It is a bit like being a manager in a store. You are trying to make the people below you promotable, and Tom Brady is trying to make his receivers look good because it benefits everyone in the end.

I have faith that Phillip will look amazing in New England, and I hope he gets paid because of it. It is the perfect situation for him.