Former Nebraska Cornhusker Brandon Reilly seemed like a shoo-in to make the Buffalo Bills’ roster. With 11 receptions for 139 yards in 4 pre-season games (according to Fox, Reilly led the wide receivers for Buffalo. When the Buffalo Bills announced that wide receiver Brandon Reilly was cut from the roster today, fan reactions hit Twitter. Can Reilly make the team Practice Squad?

Reilly’s waiver process

According to, the Bills want to add Brandon Reilly to their practice squad if no other team claims him. Since Reilly has been in the NFL less than 4 years, he is not a free agent until the waiver timeframe ends, which is only 24 hours.

Then, the wide receiver can get onto Buffalo’s practice squad or the practice squad of another NFL team.

While fans have been worried that Bill Belichick could claim Reilly, the New England Patriots would be the last team to sign the wide receiver. The waiver wire is similar to the NFL draft. The first team that has dibs on Reilly is the Cleveland Browns. Since the Browns just traded for Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver Sammy Coates, the likelihood that they would pick up Reilly is low. After that, the San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Los Angeles Rams are next in line. The fear of Belichick stealing Buffalo players is real, but this time the odds are in Buffalo’s favor.

New England just gained wide receiver Phillip Dorsett from a trade with the Indianapolis Colts and may be set with him.

Fans object to cut

Many Bills fans are shocked by the cut of Brandon Reilly, who seemed to do everything right. He caught most of the passes that hit his hands and had a decent showing on special teams.

Buffalo Sports Talk tweeted about the Reilly release, “Let's keep 5 running backs but then cut a guy who made a impact in our passing game and on special teams.

(Brandon Reilly).”

Marky said on Twitter, “Lmao let's cut Brandon Reilly, then trade Seymour for a trash WR. Gotta love the Bills.”

The “trash” receiver is Kaelin Clay, who the Bills traded for cornerback Kevon Seymour today. Clay is more of a punt return specialist who did manage to catch a 58-yard touchdown from Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Joe Webb during the pre-season.

Yet, Reilly seemed to stand out more with receptions all over the field.

Bills fans will be biting their nails for the next 24 hours. Buffalo management is taking a chance that nobody will sign Reilly. However, Fred Jackson was once on the practice squad and eventually reigned as Buffalo’s top running back for 8 years. The undrafted star became a fan favorite. Perhaps Brandon Reilly will enjoy the same fate.