Matthew Stafford has earned the money that the Detroit lions paid him this offseason, and he has proven once again that he is not the problem in Detroit. The Detroit Lions made Stafford the highest paid player in the history of the league, and he is going to keep earning that money because he is willing to push the ball down the field. He knows that that is the only way his team can compete. The team will not be very good if he is trying to be conservative, and it is very hard for someone to argue that he is making this team worse. The NFL rewards people who are good, and Stafford has been very good.

He got rewarded, and the Lions have to do more work around him. If Stafford is complaining about the roster, we do not hear about it. If the Lions are broken, he cannot fix it.

The offense

The offense in Detroit is outstanding, and the arm of Matthew Stafford powers it. He has shown that he can make all the throws, and he gets the ball to the people who need it. He helped the Lions beat the Cardinals, and he may be in contention in the NFC North even if his team is the third best in their division. There are many people who will fall in love with Stafford in fantasy, and it makes sense to use him because he can give you as many fantasy points as you can stand. You will fill out your roster with Stafford, and you will feel much better knowing that he has to throw the ball this much every week.

Stafford is the right choice

Stafford is the right choice for the Lions, and they should allow him to play for as long as he wants. It would be silly of them to do any less, and they should not believe for a second that they can play with anyone else. The Lions have a good quarterback, and they should look to other parts of their team for answers.

They have never had a great running back, and they need to replace Calvin Johnson. That should be their focus, and they should try to work on that as soon as possible, Stafford is not getting any younger.

A confident defense

I can understand why the defense in Detroit is confident, but they got lucky when David Johnson got hurt.

They are not a good selection in a daily fantasy league, and they must prove that they are very good before we assume that they have turned the corner. The Lions have always been spotty on defense because they cannot keep people on their roster. Their best players tend to go to other teams in the league to have more success. Trust in Stafford, and wait for the Lions to find him more pieces on offense.