Hurricane season 2017 is unlike anything in recent U.S. history. Harvey has left a track of devastation, power outages, and death, while Irma is ready to converse on Florida. It was reported that more than three million Americans in the Sunshine State are currently without electricity, and Jose is waiting in the wings.

Back to back Hurricanes related to the solar eclipse

Hurricanes are to be expected this time of the year but wind gusts of 185 MPH with back-to-back storms and earthquakes are not the norm. Some are saying the devastation is the result of the solar eclipse.

Whatever the cause, millions of Americans are leaving home and fleeing for their lives. Puerto Rico and other Islands have experienced such damage that there is no time frame for when recovery may be possible.And it is being reported that electricity may not be restored for possibly up to six months.

Those who are living in states that are going to be affected by the Hurricanes are being told to not delay in evacuating. Once the storms hit, there will be no one to call for help. I was just told of an elderly man in Georgia who is refusing to leave his home. His son is driving from North Carolina to try to get him out of the house before the 7:00 p.m. deadline. Americans in the danger zones really need to heed all warnings.

Hurricane Harvey should be a lesson to everyone but a lot of elderly people simply do not desire to leave their homes. Some have weathered other storms, and do not understand the danger of what is currently happening. Unfortunately, even with warnings that the eclipse would trigger such catastrophic weather, there is no way anyone could predict in advance just how bad it would be.

Be prepared for the worst from Irma and Jose

No one could have foreseen the destruction that Harvey would leave behind, but those in the path of Irma and Jose can learn from it. The best things to do is to be prepared for the worst from Hurricanes Irma and also Jose. Expect them to do the same as their predecessor or worse. Using wisdom and obeying orders to evacuate may save lives.

To have so many Americans at one time affected by these storms, and also dealing with the power outages seem unbelievable, but it is real. If you are in an area that is being evacuated, please obey the order and leave while you have time. Do everything you can to protect yourself. And remember that just like Harvey, eventually Irma and Jose will be over. And the recovery will begin.